Jerry Haisler and the Melody 5 Band

malek's bandJerry Haisler and the Melody 5 started in the fall of 1966. That makes for over 50 years of continuous entertainment in Central Texas! The band is proud of their Czech heritage and enjoy playing Czech tunes they listened to when growing up. Their set list of familiar waltzes, polkas, as well as classic country music, has been pleasing to the fans and dancers across a variety of venues and events in Central Texas. Jerry Haisler and the Melody 5, always a family oriented band, is proud to be a part of the polka music experience in Texas!

Melody 5 Band Members: Jerry Haisler, Bandleader -Lead Guitar, Tenor Sax, Accordion, Fiddle, and Vocals; Bob Haisler-Bass, Tuba and Vocals; Joe Morris - drums and vocals; Charles Mikeska – Accordion, Steel Guitar, Keyboard, and Vocals; Denise Mikeska – Tenor Sax and Acoustic Guitar. For more country music oriented events, the group is sometime joined by Terry Taylor– Guitar, Fiddle and Vocals.

Family connections: Jerry Haisler started at about age 10 on sax and guitar with his Dad, Bob Haisler, accordion player, and Alice Sulak who ran the local dance venue, Tom Sefcik Hall at Seaton, Texas, and played sax and drums. Alice Sulak, who fans often thought was Jerry's mother, played together for almost 50 years! A good friend and mentor to Jerry as well as Charles Mikeska our accordion player. Bobby Haisler, Jerry's nephew and grandson of Bob Haisler, started playing drums with the band when he was 13 (currently our bass and tuba player). Jerry's son, Mark Haisler, played bass guitar and rhythm guitar from time to time with the group. Bob Haisler, played in the Melody 5 till he was 92. Jerry's uncle, L.P. (Slim) Haisler (aka Slim Haisler and Playboys) also played accordion and he occasionally played with Jerry and Bob at events and dances.


Children 12 and under are FREE. One daily admission includes all participating halls: KJT, KC, and Sokol. (Josh Ward / Kody West Country Concert admission is additional)
 ticketFRI., MAY 24... $9;
SAT., MAY 25... $14;
SUN., MAY 26... $11;
3 DAY - $30

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Park and Ride from Downtown (Intersection of N Dallas and W Belknap) to the KJT, KC and Sokol Halls.

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